2021 Year in Review: 1000 Participants in a Meeting, Large Gallery View, Blur Camera Background, and More

December 30, 2021

2021 was a year of growth at Unicko, we added new features and made improvements to our platform while continuing to work with new and existing customers around the world. Over the course of the year we added a new blog and newsletter to help keep you informed of recent developments. And now as we prepare for 2022 we want to take a look back at some of the highlights from the past year.

2021 Year in Review

Up to 1000 Participants in a Meeting

For users who are looking to host large meetings and webinars we have introduced a new add on which allows up to 1000 participants in a meeting.

The gallery view has been increased and participants can turn on the large gallery view to see up to 25 cameras at the same time. This allows the host to interact with more attendees in meetings, lessons and webinars.

Focus on Two Cameras Simultaneously

The meeting host can focus on a user's video to be the main video for all participants to see, regardless of who's speaking. We have added the option to focus on two users, for example, when you have two speakers or a single speaker and a sign language interpreter.

Blur Camera Background

Users now have the option to blur their camera background if they don't want to show their surroundings during a lesson or webinar.

Disable Camera in Meetings

We have added a new safeguarding option for users using the API and LTI integrations which allows them to completely disable the participants' cameras. This option ensures that a host can’t grant the attendees camera permissions even accidentally.

Automatic Recording

Hosts now have the option to automatically record meetings. This option is available in the meeting settings and can also be enabled using the API and LTI integrations.

Whiteboard Pencil Colours

We have expanded the whiteboard pencil colour options and users can now choose between 20 different colours when writing or drawing on the whiteboard.

Whiteboard Shape Recognition

When drawing shapes on the whiteboard the shape recognition feature identifies shapes and converts them into clean geometric shapes. The Shape Recognition feature can be enabled in the whiteboard settings.

Remember Assignment in Breakout Rooms

The breakout rooms have been upgraded and now when using breakout rooms multiple times in the same meeting, the room assignment will be saved so that users can be sent to their original rooms each time.

Translation Options

We have added more languages to the translation options. Now, each user can select their own language.

Pay-Per-Use Pricing

We launched a new pricing model for customers whose usage changes over the course of the year, such as online tutoring companies. Our pay-per-use option is measured based on how long each participant spends in a session.

API - Limit User Session Duration

Account owners who make use of the API integration now have the option to limit the duration of each user session.

API - Presenter Role

You can automatically assign presenter permissions to an attendee when creating a join URL using the API.