2022 Year in Review: Share Multiple Screens, New Whiteboard Toolbar, Flexible Permissions, and More

December 28, 2022

2022 was a year of growth at Unicko. We added new features and made improvements to our platform while continuing to work with new and existing customers around the world. Now, as we prepare for 2023, we want to take a look back at some of the highlights from the past year.

2022 Year in Review

Virtual background

Users can now blur their camera background or replace it with an image. Each user can choose one of the preloaded images or upload a custom image such as a company logo.

The meeting host can now page between the participants' videos allowing them to view and engage with more participants, using the < and > buttons which appear on either side of the videos.

Limited cameras view

The meeting host can now select to limit the cameras view so that attendees will only see the host and locked cameras. If the session is recorded, only the host and locked cameras will be seen in the recording.

Automatic permission for microphone and camera

If auto permissions are turned on participants will be able to activate their microphone and camera when the host joins the meeting.

Share multiple screens

The host can now allow all participants to share their screens simultaneously, view all screens in a gallery view and share one of the screens with all participants.

Dark mode

You now have the option to switch between light and dark mode in the classroom.

Whiteboard toolbar

The whiteboard has been upgraded with new tools: Several pens, each with separate color and thickness settings. Marker tool. New shapes including arrow, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, cube, pyramid and sphere.

20 whiteboard pages

In order to give users more space to work on the interactive whiteboard we have increased the number of pages available from 10 pages to 20.

Clear all whiteboard pages

As you move to a new page on the whiteboard the previous page is saved allowing the user to go back and forth between the pages. In addition to clearing each page individually, hosts can now clear the entire whiteboard with the new Clear All Pages button.

Split whiteboard

The split whiteboard now allows the host to page between whiteboards and focus on a specific one.

Rotate PDF

Unicko allows users to upload files and documents directly into the classroom. When displaying a PDF file in the classroom you are now able to rotate it.

Drag and drop

When uploading files the host and presenter can now drag and drop documents, presentations and media files from their computer directly into the classroom.

Disable chat notifications

It is now possible to turn on or off the chat notifications within the classroom. Chat notifications are pop up messages which appear when the chat panel is closed.

You can now get a link and share recordings with your users.

Hide chat and Q&A from recordings

You can now choose if you want to show or hide the chat and Q&A in recordings.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) lets your users use a single, common set of credentials for Unicko and other applications in your organization. Enable SSO for a meeting to control attendee access. Unicko SSO is based on OpenID Connect.


We updated our documentation (docs.unicko.com), where you can find information about the features and functions of the virtual classroom.

Instructional videos

We have launched a new series of instructional videos to help users familiarize themselves with Unicko's features. Visit our YouTube channel.

Customer Stories

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