Product Updates: Quizzes and Polls

March 07, 2023

Quizzes and Polls

Hosts can now use quizzes and polls to interact with students during a lesson and collect feedback from attendees during a webinar. Use the online editor to create a poll with multiple choice, multiple answer, short answer and long answer questions. If you choose to create a quiz, you can also set correct answers and available points for each question. Once the quiz or poll is saved to your device, the file can be uploaded to the classroom. You can also share the file with your colleagues to use in their meetings.

During a lesson you can solve a quiz in collaboration with your students, or let them solve it independently. After the meeting the responses will be available for download under the reports tab.

Quiz progress

Multiple Screen Sharing

Hosts can enable multiple screen sharing which allows them to simultaneously view the screens of all participants, focus on a participant's screen and share a focused screen. Learn more in this instructional video:

Multi Screen sharing