Product Updates: Recording View Count, Edit Text and Equations, Enter Matrices and Equation Sets, Copy & Paste Equations, Download Reports Using the API

January 30, 2024

Recording View Count

Recording view count is now displayed in the Unicko management console. This metric tracks the number of times that someone viewed the recording page. This metric does not track the number of times the recording was played or unique page views.

Edit Text and Equations in the Whiteboard

Click on the text or equation you want to edit. Other participants will see your changes in real-time.

Matrices, Equation Sets, and New Mathematical Symbols

Now you can enter matrices and equation sets to the whiteboard, text editor and quiz. New symbols were added to the equation virtual keyboard: Angle, Parallel lines and Perpendicular lines.


Select, Copy & Paste Equations and Formulas

Select an equation or part of it. Click on one of the template buttons in the virtual keyboard to include the selected part in the new template. You can also copy & paste the selected equation.

Download Chat, Q&A, Poll and Quiz Reports Using the API

New API endpoints where added for Chat, Q&A, Poll and Quiz reports. Learn more.

Chat, Q&A, Raise Hand video

The collaborative features within the Unicko Virtual Classroom including the raise hand button, chat and Q&A allow the host to engage with the audience and the attendees in a lesson or webinar. Watch the video to learn more:

Chat, Q&A, Raise Hand