Product Updates: Share Recordings, 20 Whiteboard Pages, Rotate PDF and Disable Chat Notifications

January 31, 2022

You can now get a link and share recordings with your users.

Share recording

20 whiteboard pages

In order to give users more space to work on the interactive whiteboard we have increased the number of pages available from 10 pages to 20.

Clear all whiteboard pages

As you move to a new page on the whiteboard the previous page is saved allowing the user to go back and forth between the pages. In addition to clearing each page individually, hosts can now clear the entire whiteboard with the new Clear All Pages button.

Clear whiteboard pages

Rotate PDF

Unicko allows users to upload files and documents directly into the classroom. When displaying a PDF file in the classroom you are now able to rotate it.

Disable chat notifications

It is now possible to turn on or off the chat notifications within the classroom. Chat notifications are pop up messages which appear when the chat panel is closed.

Disable chat notifications