Product Updates: Videos on Focus, Whiteboard Pencil Colors and Shape Recognition

May 17, 2021

Camera view can now display two videos on focus

The meeting host can focus on a user's video to be the main video for all participant to see, regardless of who's speaking. Now you can focus on two users, for example, when you have two speakers or a single speaker and a sign language interpreter.

Spotlight videos

Additional pencil colors are now available in the whiteboard

Sometimes you may need more colors for writing and annotating on your whiteboard. Now you can select from 16 new colors. Read more about Unicko Whiteboard.

Whiteboard pencil colors

Draw perfect shapes on the whiteboard

The Shape Recognition feature allows users to draw shapes that the whiteboard will identify and convert them into clean geometric shapes. When you finish drawing a shape, pause the mouse or pencil. The shape you draw will be replaced by a perfect one. The shapes supported by this feature are: Lines Circles and Ellipses Squares and Rectangles Triangles Enable the Shape Recognition feature in the settings.

Shape recognition