What is a Virtual Classroom?

May 02, 2022

A Virtual Classroom is an online learning platform which allows students and teachers to communicate using audio and video conferencing and share course materials in a live synchronous environment. Virtual classrooms offer unique features which differentiate them from video conferencing.

Virtual classroom

What are the main features of a virtual classroom?

  • Audio and video conferencing - Enables the students to actively participate in the lesson and communicate with the teacher and each other.
  • Chat, polls, raise hand - Interactive features that allow the teacher to receive feedback from students.
  • Breakout rooms - The teacher can split the students into smaller, separate rooms for study groups or collaborative projects.
  • Interactive Whiteboard - During the lesson the teachers need to write and draw freehand, this is particularly important when teaching subjects that include equations and diagrams such as maths and science. The whiteboard offers unique advantages such as being able to copy and paste material and the option to download the whiteboard. The teacher can also give the students permission to edit and write on the whiteboard which promotes collaboration.
  • Share materials - Throughout the lesson teachers share material such as presentations, documents and media files with their students. In order to facilitate this, virtual classrooms provide the ability for teachers to upload their course materials directly into the classroom. Having all of the material in front of them makes it simple for teachers to switch between features such as the whiteboard and their presentations during the course of the lesson. In addition to uploading teaching materials teachers can also share their screens to present a specific program or website.
  • Recordings - Being able to record the lesson is useful for both the students and the teacher. Since the recordings include the chat, polls and all of the materials that are shared during the lesson, a student is able to watch the recording as if they were attending live. The students use the recordings as a revision aid and the teacher can use them when planning future lessons.

How to choose a virtual classroom?

When choosing a virtual classroom the following factors should be taken into consideration.

  • User friendly - Choose a virtual classroom with a simple and intuitive interface that is easy for the teachers and students to use on a daily basis.
  • LMS Integration - Seamless integration with a Learning Management System (LMS) allows the teachers to easily manage the virtual classroom, recordings and attendance reports. Students can sign into the class directly through the LMS which makes the classroom secure and easy to access.
  • Moderation tools - Teachers need to be able to comfortably moderate the class and give the students the opportunity to participate.
  • Collaboration tools - Virtual classrooms enable collaboration between the students and teacher and make the lesson more interactive and engaging.
  • Security - Virtual classrooms provide a range of security measures to ensure that only authorised users can access the classroom.

Unicko Virtual Classroom

Unicko Virtual Classroom is a web based platform with no need to download any software or applications. Unicko’s virtual classroom can be used standalone or integrated with your LMS allowing for easy access for both students and teachers. Offering all the features needed for effective online learning, from video and audio conferencing and chat to an interactive whiteboard, polls and breakout rooms Unicko is an all inclusive classroom that is suitable for classes of any size. Unicko also offers advanced features such as a collaborative whiteboard, split whiteboard, text editor and quizzes. Learn more at unicko.com.